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Professional investigative and consulting services completed legally, ethically, on time and within budget!

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Jim Sniegocki

Security Consultant
FBI Agent (Retired)

President, Capital Intelligence LLC

Call : 502-426-8100

Private Investigations/White Collar-Financial Matters

With more than 21 years experience as an FBI Agent investigating white collar crime, Jim is particularly adept at reviewing and analyzing financial transactions.

Due Diligence

Ideal for companies who deal with high net worth clients, namely, financial services companies, bankers who process commercial loans or attorneys who handle mergers and acquisitions.

Eavesdropping Detection

We are the only firm in this region who uses government trained professionals who have the experience of actually installing transmitting and recording devices in criminal and intelligence investigations

Physical Security Review

This service includes a complete review of the current security in your workplace looking for areas that need improvement.

Witness Location

Attorneys – Can’t find an important witness? We will locate your missing witness anywhere in the country for the flat fee of $150. Just send or call us with the name and one identifier – birth date, social security number or last known address.


Lets discuss your specific needs and how we can help!

What We Offer


An initial free consultation to discuss your specific needs and how we can help;


Professional consulting and investigative services;


A work product completed in both a legal and ethical manner, on time and within budget;


Travel expenses minimized using former FBI Agents and law enforcement professionals in other parts of the country;


A professionally prepared and thorough report with a detailed statement of services.

Meet Jim Sniegocki

Investigator, Security Consultant, FBI Agent (Retired), President Capital Intelligence LLC

Jim Sniegocki

Ex FBI Agent