Due Diligence

Ideal for companies with high net-worth clients, banks, mergers and acquisitions.

A Due Diligence investigation consists of a complete review of public records including civil and criminal court files, bankruptcy records, state and county civil and criminal cases, liens and judgments and regulatory agencies, where appropriate.

Prior to the start of this review, various public and proprietary databases are searched to identify any and all businesses associated with the subject and these businesses are afforded the same public record search as for the individual.

The above search is ideal for companies who deal with high net-worth clients or for banks offering commercial loans. It can also be used in mergers and acquisitions where you need more information on the officers of the company you are acquiring or with whom you are merging.

This search is done completely by computer with no live interviews, so is completely confidential. (Live interviews can be conducted if requested by the client.)